Everyone among us stays curious to have a partner, especially the single boys. To impress the girl, boys use all kind of tricks. But sometimes you just have to save yourself from a bad impression instead of creating an impression. Some Boys Fashion Trends make girls hate them.

Many boys In the journey of impressing a girl go over the board and it messes up everything.  Let’s take an example, when it comes to clothing, most men tend to stick with the same styles year after year. One must have to understand that you have to keep everything sweet and simple in order to impress her.

Here we cover 10 fashion style adopted by boys that girls absolutely hate.

1. Super skinny jeans

Most girls are happy that extremely baggy pants are no longer famous, but skinny jeans are just as unappealing. Boys make girls feel a bit uncomfortable when they wear jeans which tighter than a girl’s. Girls do not want to see a guy’s every curve and bulge highlighted and noticeable in a pair of super skinny “jeggings”.

boys fashion trends


2. Bushy Beards

Beard look is definitely in style, but some guys are taking the classy look a bit too far. A wild an bushy beard is a girl’s worst enemy. The beard gets in the way every time she tries to move in for a liplock, seeing lint stuck and food in a scraggly beard can really turn her off instantly.


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3. Flipped Collar

One can understand how much girl hates this style by reading this comment by a girl “whenever I see a guy doing this my thought is always &;..what an F’ing tool &. The contempt factor increases exponentially if a sweater is tied across the shoulders with a flipped collar.


4. Deep V-Necks

V-Neck shirts are the great way for a boy to spice up his look. But when the V-Neck collar goes a little bit too deep, this is the time when girls start to cringe. Most girls would agree that if a guy’s V-Neck t-shirt is exposing his muscles and all of his chest hair, he has gone too far. A t-shirt with not-too-deep V-Neck that stops a couple inches from the base of the neck is more preferred.


5. Flip flops

According to most girls, they hate the guys who wear flip-flops. If a guy is at the beach or pool, flip-flops are an appropriate footwear choice. But nowadays, these thong sandals have escaped the pool and found their way into daily life. Only the thing girl wants to see is a guy’s hairy toes all exposed in a pair of flip-flops.


6. Above the knee shorts

Girls never want to see guy’s leg in a pair of above the knee shorts no matter how sexy legs are. When a guy sits down in a pair of above the knee shorts, they expose his upper thighs, and this moment is a complete turn off for girls. Shorts were not made only for girls to wear, but this dressing style is anything but flattering on guys.


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7. Drop crotch pants

As per the girls, these are the most unattractive pants in the world. These kinds of pants have been worn by many celebrities, including Jaden Smith and Justin Bieber, but girls really wish these pants would slowly fade away. while a guy walks, the fabric swings and bounces, drawing attention to his nether regions.


8. Anything with camo print

Camouflage is a popular print among the guy’s that have been used in many fashion items like shirts, shorts, pants, and sneakers. But for most girls, they are unattractive. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the military-inspired look, but most girls agree that this as old day trend.


9. Long Shirts

As per the guy’s, this looks so cool and attractive, but most of the girls didn’t like this kind of style and don’t want her partner to go with this style.


10. Slogan T-Shirts

Slogan T-shirts are very popular among the guy’s as they feel it will drive attention of all. but according to most girls, they hate the guys who wear Slogan T-shirts.


So next time when you go out to meet your crush, make sure you avoid these fashion and dressing styles.