No doubt English is a beautiful language and has become necessary to have a proper grip on it, mainly for professional reasons.

However, we have something interesting today. You must not be aware that some English words used daily have completely different meanings in other languages. The spellings are exactly same, but the pronunciation of the word might be different.

If you are an English lover, you gotta read this article. It’s interesting to see how two exact same words have totally different meanings; in fact, in the list below, some words have adult meanings in other languages. Don’t be surprised to go to that Nation & get slapped for using such a word (Which people find it adult Meaning words), LOL.

So are you ready to enjoy the list? Here you go…

1. Face

2. LOL

3. BRA

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4. Retard

5. Preservatives

6. CAR




10. FART

So remember all these words when you are traveling to another country.  Otherwise, you will land in trouble for no reason.