The world we live in is full of surprise and interesting places. Some places are very beautiful and others are mysterious. Science can explain each and everything that happens on earth from disasters to good things. But there are some Mysterious Places In The World That even science cannot explain it.

10 Mysterious Places In The World

These Places are around for years but still remained unsolved. Many scientists and experts tried decoding the mystery behind it but failed every time. let’s see the list of 10 Mysterious Places In The World.
1. The Bermuda Triangle, Atlantic Ocean

mysterious places in the world
Many Marines, Ships, and Aircrafts said to be disappeared in Bermuda Triangle. Many famous incidents involved with Bermuda Triangle. The experts still exactly can’t explain the reason behind all these incidents.
Some say there are magnetic effects, some say tropical cyclones are responsible for all these causes and some say there is no mystery at all.
2. Blood Falls Antartica

Blood Falls, Antarctica
In the frozen world of Antartica, there is waterfall which is red in color. This Blood waterfall is of Tylor Glacier into Lake Bonney.
The researchers and experts say there is a large amount of iron oxide in that area. These iron are responsible for the red color hue.
3. Stonehenge, England

Stonehenge, England
Stonehenge is prehistoric monuments in Wiltshire. Experts say it was built around 5000 years ago. The stones are said to be 13 feet high and 7 feet wide. It is described as a ring of standing stones.
The reason or purpose of this ring stones still remains unclear. Experts still cannot explain why this was built. How people have carried this huge stones 5000 years ago.
4. The Nazca Lines, Peru

Nazca Lines, Peru
Nazca Lines are among the most Mysterious Places In The World. Nazca Lines are only visible from the sky. Its a series of designs and pictographs carved into the ground in Nazca deserts.
The design covers the area of around 50 miles. The purpose of these lines is still unknown. No one really knows why the people of Nazca built these huge design which is visible from the sky.
5. Bhangarh Fort, India

bhangarh fort rajasthan
One of the most hunted places in the world. Bhangarh Fort in Rajasthan is responsible for various mysterious deaths. The reasons are still unknown completely.
Various stories are surrounded with this mysterious Fort. Fort remains closed after the sunset as it is said people who visited this place after sunset never came back.

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6. Superstition Mountains, Arizona

Superstition Mountains, Arizona
The Superstition Mountains is the range of mountains in Arizona. Legend of the Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine centers around the Superstition Mountains. It said that a person named Jacob Waltz discovered Gold Mines in Superstition Mountain.
However, as per the reports, the mines are never found in the mountains. Many people lost their lives while searching for the Gold Mines. The place is said to be haunted and many believed the passageway to hell is located in these mountains.
7. Jatinga, Assam, India

Jatinga Bird suicide
Jatinga is a small village in Assam which is famous for bird mystery. The bird mystery is a unique incident that occurs at Jatinga between September and November every year. During these late monsoon months, Birds from different places commit mass suicide.
Just after sunset between 7 p.m and 10 p.m hundreds of birds fall downwards from the sky. The Birds suicide by crashing into buildings and trees. This phenomenon Jatinga Birds mystery is still unknown.
8. Crooked Forest, Poland

crooked forest poland
In Poland crooked forest is one of the most mysterious places in the world. The entire forest appears to be bent over almost 90 degrees at the trunk.
No one knows the mystery behind this forest. The town was destroyed in World War II and the truth of the forest was lost with it.
9. Door To Hell, Turkmenistan

door to hell
The Door To Hell is a natural gas field located in Derweze, Turkmenistan. The Door to hell is burning since 1972. Russian engineers set it on fire to prevent the spread of Methane gas.
The diameter of the carter is said to be 69 meters (226 ft) and depth is 30 meters (98 ft). The gas reserved found here is one of the largest in the world. The name Door To Hell was give the locals.
10. Overtoun Bridge, Scotland

Overtoun Bridge, Scotland
Located in small town of Scotland the Overtoun Bridge is surrounded by mystery. As per the reports in the last 50 years around 600 Dogs jumped off the bridge.
Many Dogs died and many lived, the survived dogs returned back to jump off again. There is warning board on the bridge saying “Dangerous Bridge, Please Keep Your Dog On A Lead.”
These were the 10 Mysterious Places In The World. All of them have different stories behind them. Do comment your views and list any mysterious places you know.