Clicking a picture is one of the best ways to pick a beautiful moment and cherish it for the rest of our lives. Our memories get refreshed and alive as we see pics of our previous days on some occasions.

Probably the same reason is behind constant technological advancement in the field of photography. We have reached in an era where we can never be sure whether the photo is original or some editing has been done with it. Even though it improves the quality of a pic, the originality of a picture is significantly destroyed. At the end what we get to see is merely lie presented in the form of a decorated piece.

Yes, that’s right! In the digital world, Photography has become an important aspect. With some remarkable editing, we can change the look from none too awesome. This is the reason people get attracted and share these pictures more and more on social media. So when you see an awesome pic next time, consider the fact that it could be due to the magic of editing or some trick!

Here are 10 photos, proving that photography is a great lie

1. Zero Gravity Picture and How it’s captured

2. A Creative brain is behind an unusual and awesome pic

3. How toys are used for creating a realistic historical scene

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5. Is she flying in the air?

6. Editing at its level BEST

7. Amazing backdrop couples and reality behind it

8. With what brilliance the entire scene is given an incredible look!

9. Now, this shows that it is certainly a great lie

10. Romantic and Dream vs Reality

These were the 10 Photography Pictures That Proves what we see is totally different from the reality. But still, there is lots of hard work and creativity is involved why creating all these awesome moments.