Paintings are thoughts expressed by the Artist. You will find paintings hanging on the wall, galleries and historical places. There are some Haunted Paintings which you will never buy after knowing the reason behind it.

9 Haunted Paintings In The World

You will be shocked to know the real stories behind these paintings. There are various real-time incidents which prove all these paintings are either cursed or haunted. So it’s better to stay away from these 9 Haunted Paintings.

1. The Hands Resist Him

Haunted Paintings The Hands Resist Him

The hands resist him also known as ‘ebay haunted painting‘ created by artist Bill Stoneham in 1972. It depicts a young boy and a doll standing in front of the glass door. According to the painter, Boy is the painter himself and the doorway is the line between him and the walking world. The doll is a guide who will guide the boy through the world.

As per the reports, the painting is responsible for various deaths of the owners of it. The painting was up for the sale on eBay in 2000. It is said that the boy coming out of painting and doll coming to life and are responsible for the various death.

2. The Anguished Man

The Anguished Man

The artist painted this by his own blood and died after the completion. The Anguished Man is one of the most Haunted Painting and objects in the world. The painting is with a man named Sean Robinson which was owned by his Grandmother. 

Upon experiencing evil effects grandmother locked the painting in the house. After her death, the painting was discovered by Sean Robinson. Robinson locked the painting in a hidden place and don’t want to sell as it is haunted.

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3. The Rain Woman

The Rain Woman painting

The Rain woman created by artist Svetlana Telets. While painting artist experienced some strange feelings. After completion of the painting, Svetlana revealed a hand was guiding her

The owner who bought the painting returned it immediately. As the owner reported insomnia, fear, unexplained sadness. Also feeling of being watched by the painting.

4. The Dead Mother

The Dead Mother painting

The painting is about the death of the artist own mother by Tuberculosis. People experienced screaming and shivering after watching the painting.

People also experienced the eyes of the girl in the painting follows you around.

5. The Stagecraft, or The Hanging Man

The Stagecraft, or The Hanging Man

While painting the artist felt uneasy all the time. After completion Artist Laura P. hung the painting at a local business. The workers of that place claimed that the painting moved on its own.

Laura P. decided to hang the painting at her own house wall. Laura started experiencing paranormal activities. Sometimes she could see a headless man hanging.

6. Love Letters’ Replica

Love Letters' Replica

As per the report, a girl name Samantha in Houston died after this painting was on display. So people believed that the Houston ghost occupied the painting after death.

Some hotel reported the expression of the girl changes after looking away for a second. Others reported seeing the apparition of a girl playing with a ball.

7. Untitled Nightmarish Painting 

Untitled Nightmarish Painting

The artist faced very tragic life. He lost his wife and a year after his son committed suicide. The artist was brutally murdered as not paid his loan of $100.

As per the report, anyone who looked at the painting for a long time founded dead. This why it considered most haunted painting.

8. The Portrait of Bernardo De Galvez

The Portrait of Bernado De Galvez

The Galveh Hotel was named after hanging this painting. The portrait is of the military officer named Bernardo De Galvez. 

Guest Started complaining about the portrait by saying the eyes in the portrait followed them as they walked past. Others reported feeling cold and uneasy while standing around the portrait.

9.The Crying Boy

The Crying Boy painting

As per the reports fire caused by the paintings. Houses of the painting owner were burned and family members also injured. The painting remained undamaged in all the houses. 

Firefighters reported the same story everytime from all the houses.

These are the 9 Most Haunted Paintings in the world. If you are willing to buy a Painting skip this 9 paintings.