Fifa World Cup 2018 is starting from 14th June and we cannot wait for more. It is the best event on the earth. All these years we have witnessed many magical moments from the World cup. Let’s look at some of the Best Fifa World Cup Moments.

15 Best Fifa World Cup Moments

Emotions will be all over the world. We all have seen many iconic moments from FIFA World Cup.

1. Legendary Pele Celebrates After Winning 1970 World Cup

pele 1960 world cup
One of the greatest of the Game. King Pele the only player to have three world cup medals. Celebrating after Brazil winning the World Cup 1970.

2. Diego Maradona Lifts The 1986 World Cup

diego maradona world cup winner
One of the greatest of the game. Single-handedly won the World Cup for Argentina. Scored goal of the century against England. Most celebrated and Iconic Player of the History. One of the Best Fifa World Cup Moments.

3. Daniel Passarella Holds The World Cup After Winning in 1978

argentina 1978 world cup
Argentina Captain celebrates after winning the trophy first time. One of the best Fifa World Cup Pictures ever taken.

4. Pele Crying After Winning The 1958 World Cup

pele 1958 world cup
Legendary Pele won the debut world cup. After that, he went on to win 2 more for the country. A little emotional moment for him.
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5. Yohan Cryuff Dribble Past The Defence

yohan cruyff fifa worldcup
One of the greatest of the game. The inventor of total football. Yohan Cryuff dribbling the Argentina Defenders to score one of the best Fifa World Cup goals.

6. Maradona Vs 6 Defenders 1986 World Cup

maradona world cup 6 defenders
Legendary Maradona Taking on 6 defenders in the 1986 world cup. Scored one of the memorable goals.

7. Vava celebrates after scoring the third Goal in 1962 World Cup Final

vava fifa world cup
One of the Best Fifa Celebration picture. Brazilian striker Vava jumps in the air after scoring the third Goal at 1962 World Cup final.

8. Pele Fooling The Uruguay Goalkeeper 1970 World Cup

Best Fifa World Cup Moments
The King showed his genius skill to fool the Goalkeeper. The joy would have been doubled if the goal was scored.
9. Zidane Walking Past The World Cup after Receiving Red Card

zidane word cup 2006
One of the Heartbreaking Moments Of Fifa World Cup 2006. Great Zidane walking off the pitch in the final against Italy after getting Red Card.
10. Zidane Headbutt Materazzi World Cup 2006

zidane headbut 2006 worldcup
One of the most controversial Fifa World Cup moments. Zidane headbutts Italy’s defender Marco Materazzi.
11. Robert Baggio Penalty Miss 1994 World Cup Final

robert baggio penalty miss world cup
The Divine Ponytail one of the greatest player of the game. Missed the crucial penalty against Brazil in 1994 World Cup Final. The worst moment for the player like him.
12. Hand Of God 1986 World Cup

maradona hand of god
Maradona scored one of the most controversial goals in the 1986 World cup against England. Later he dubbed it as Hand Of God.
13. Ronaldo Sad After Loosing 1998 World Cup

ronaldo 1998 world cup
The Phenomenon Brazilian Ronaldo heartbroken after losing 1998 World Cup to Zidane’s France.
14. The No 1 Player Of World Cup 2002

ronaldo goal 2002 world cup
After losing World Cup 1998. The Phenomenon led Brazil to World Cup victory in 2002. Highest goal scorer of the tournament.
15. Luis Suarez Handball at 2010 Fifa World Cup

luis suarez hand ball world cup
Luis Suarez saved his country with the controversial handball at the stoppage time. Ghana failed to convert the goal saw Uruguay proceed into the next round.
These were 15 Iconic Fifa World Cup Moments. We hope to see some magical moments in Fifa World Cup 2018.