Union Public Services Commission (UPSC) one of the toughest exams to crack in India. Lakhs of students appear every year to try their luck but few of them get success. Students spend nearly 18 hours daily to prepare for this exam. Many students have all the resources available but still cannot make it. Some students with limited or no resource achieve it and make a great impact. One such student Hasan Safin from Gujrat showed circumstances cannot stop anyone to achieve his or her goals. Hasan Safin UPSC dream became true when he achieved 570 All India Rank.

Hasan Shain Family

22 Year old Hasan Safin cracked UPSC exam in a toughest of situation. His mother’s love and sweat made the path of success for Hasan. He belongs to a low-income budget family who hails from a small district of Gujrat. His Parents Mustufa and Naseembanu work in a small diamond unit, earning just enough to feed their child. There were the days when Safin went to sleep on an empty stomach.
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Mother’s Love and Roti Made It Possible
When Hasan needed extra money for his education His Mother NaseemBanu started making hundreds of Rotis for local restaurant and marriage halls.

Hasan Safin Mother

In the summer the temperature raises up to 45 degrees in that region where Hasan lived. His Mother uses to wake up at 3 a.m every day and make around 20 to 200 kilos of medium-sized rotis (A Kilo amounts to Approx 30 to 40 rotis).
“I have seen her soaked in sweat even in a cool morning as I use to study in the kitchen said, emotional Hasan.”
Help From The Society Motivated Hasan

Hasan Safin civil services

In today’s world, it’s really hard to find a helping hand. But there are some angels who care for the hard work. Safin received helping hands from the strangers including businessman Hussain Polra and his wife Raina Polra. The Polra family funded 3.5 Lakh rupees from their own pocket to fund Safin’s two-year stay in Delhi including the fees of his coaching institute, his traveling and lodging.
Safin’s school principal too had the generosity to waive Rs 80,000 in school fees when he was in his high school, stating Safin was a very bright student.
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Giving Back To The Society

Hasan Safin UPSC

“People have held my hand and opened doors for me to fulfill my dreams. I would have never become what I have if not for the kindness of society at large,” says Safin.
Safin teaches poor children in his village during his spare time. Safin’s dream is to start state of art residential school for poor children from his earnings. By this, he wants to pay back to the society that helped him to achieve his dream.
Safin’s Inspiration To Become Collector

Hasan Safin gujrat
Safin’s dream to become a civil servant was inspired by a collector who visited his village when Safin was a child.
Escorted by armed bodyguards, the collector addressed the entire village, assuring them their problems will be resolved. Safin said I got inspired by the impact of that collector. Safin asked an elder how to become a collector and was told anyone can become with hard work and dedication from that moment he got his mission of life.
Hasan Safin UPSC dream became true by the hard work and dedication. His Parents and society were the most important aspects to help him.