Nipah Virus (NiV) was first reported in 1998, Malaysia. This Virus is said to be caused by fruit-eating Bats. In India, the Nipah Virus was first reported in 2001. On Monday 21st May 2018 Doctors reported the attack of this virus again. Nipah Virus Kerala caused almost 10 lives and still, some are affected. 

What Is Nipah Virus (NIV)

Nipah virus kerala

Nipah Virus infection can occur in humans and animals. The fruit-eating bats are the carriers of this dangerous virus. 

The first it was discovered in 1998 and left more than 100 people dead in Malaysia. In India, it was first discovered in 2001 and again in 2007.

There is no potential cure is available for this dangerous virus. Nipah Virus Kerala created panic around the whole country.

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Nipah Virus Transmission

nipah virus transmission

Image source: reasearchgate

Direct contact with infected pigs, other infected animals, through infected fruits eaten by fruit Bats. Direct contact with infected human also affects. 

So if any contact has happened with infected one the virus will be transmitted.

Nipah Virus Symptoms

nipah virus symptoms

After coming into contact with this virus the symptoms start between 5 to 14 days. Symptoms include a headache, fever, unconsciousness, and nausea. In some cases symptoms of stomach pain, vomiting, blurred vision also reported. 

The patient can also go into a coma just two days after the symptoms began. The chances of affecting the brain are also very high.

Nipah Virus Cure

nipah virus cure

At present, there is no vaccine present to tackle this virus. However, some preventive measures can be taken. Do not eat contaminated fruits bitten by bats, Make distance with the affected person, Cover your face while visiting hospitals and medical stores.

Avoid visiting public and hospital toilets. Keep your surroundings clean and maintain hygiene. Don’t come in direct contact with Pigs.

Nipah Virus Kerala caused nearly 10 lives and still, some are affected as per the report. So be careful and avoid direct contact with any affected person or animals. As cure of this dangerous virus is still not available.