Bollywood’s first Female superstar Sridevi left us in 2018. Start from the day of her death many theories have been made. Some say it was suicide, some say it was an accidental death and some say it was a planned murder. As per the latest reports Insurance Policy Of 24o crore was bought in the name of the actress in Oman. It raises many questions on Sridevi Death Mystery.

Sridevi Death Mystery

Sridevi Death Mystery
On 20th February 2018 Sridevi with her younger daughter went to Dubai to attend a wedding ceremony. After the wedding, she decided to spend a couple of days in Dubai. Boney Kapoor planned a surprise visit to the actress as he was not present at the wedding.
On 24th of February Boney Kapoor went to Dubai and called Sridevi from reception as he planned dinner with her. He didn’t get any response from her. Boney Kapoor went to her room and checked he found her dead in the bathtub.
The Dubai policy claimed the cause of death was an accidental drowning after post-mortem. After that many rumors started many claimed she was murdered.
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Sridevi Insurance Policy Of 240 Crore

Sridevi Insurance Policy
A filmmaker named Sunil Singh claimed Sridevi was murdered. He appealed Supreme court to investigate the case but his plea was rejected.
According to Singh’s Lawyer, an Insurance of whooping 240 Crore was bought in Sridevi’s name. What makes the case interesting is the fact that it could be encashed only if Sridevi dies in Dubai.
A retired ACP Ved Bhushan claimed that the Death Of Sridevi was a well-planned murder. What makes more interesting is Ved Bhushan says Underworld Don Dawood Ibrahim also involved in this Death Mystery.

sridevi death report
Bhushan also slammed Dubai Police and said they have not done the investigation properly. Dubai Policed not even checked the CCTV footage of the hotel room.
Bhushan is sure that it was a Murder and he has much evidence to prove that. He said he will reveal the actual reason behind the Sridevi Death Mystery when the time comes.