1939 to 1945 the world witnessed one of the deadliest War. The cities were destroyed, humans were killed there was no hope for life. World War 2 is described as one of the bloodiest events on the earth. From the German concentration camps to Atomic Bombings on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, all were recorded during this period. We bring you 20 Unseen World War 2 Pictures that will remind us we leave in an era where we don’t have to struggle for food and shelter.

20 Unseen World War 2 Pictures

These World War 2 Pictures will give you an idea of how people struggled during that period. These epic pictures indicate if war happens there will be a loss, loss of humanity, loss of natural resources etc.

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1. Injured American Soldiers

American soldier injured world war 2

Many American Soldiers injured during storming into Omaha Beach on D-Day.

source: Wikimedia Commons

2. Explosion Of An American Plane

Pearl Harlbor Attack

USS Shaw explodes in the background during the Japanese attack on Peral Harbor. American sailor stands and watches the explosion.

source: Wikimedia Commons

3. Into the Jaws of Death

Jaws Of Death

U.S military troop walk through water and Nazi gunfire on D-Day. The U.S landcraft at Omaha Beach during the d-day invasion.

source: Wikimedia Commons

4. Soviet and American Airmen Pose

American Airmen Pose bomb


Soviet and U.S airmen pose with the bombs on which message was written for the Nazis at the Russian airbase.

source: GettyImages

5. Burning Boy

World War 2 Pictures

Struck by German V-2 rocket in Antwerp, Belgium the boy was burning with Jeep next to him.

source: Wikimedia Commons

6. A Grumman F6F Hellcat plane crash

burning-plane world war 2

The crash landing occurred as the plane was making its way towards Makin Island.

source: Wikimedia Commons

7. U.S. Marines and One sailor Raise an American flag

U.S Marine Sailor Flag

Five U.S. Marines and one sailor raise an American flag over Mount Suribachi during the Battle of Iwo Jima on February 23, 1945.

source: Wikimedia Commons

8. Unidentified Boy Raises His Arms

German soldier jews

A boy raises his arms as German soldiers capture Polish Jews during the Warsaw ghetto uprising.

source: Wikimedia Commons

9. U.S. Navy sailor kiss

navy sailor kiss

One of the most famous pictures of World War 2. In celebration of Japan’s surrender, a U.S. Navy sailor kisses a woman in New York City.

source: Wikimedia Commons/UsNavy

10. The atomic bombing of Nagasaki

Atom Bomb Nagasaki

One of the deadliest attack in the history. The atomic attack by the U.S on Japan, Nagasaki.

source: Wikimedia Commons

11. Roger Godfrin

Roger Godfin

The only survivor of a massacre during which Nazi troops locked 643 citizens inside a church and set fire to it.

source: AFP/Getty Images

12. A young boy greets his father

young boy hugging leg

A young holding his father leg after he returned for the Christmas.

source: National Archives and Records Administration

13.  A British plane Prepare A Flight

British Plane Gibraltar

A British plane prepares for a flight to the United Kingdom.

source: Wikimedia Commons

14.  Adolf Hitler Declares War

Adolf Hiter War US

Adolf Hitler (standing, center) declares war on the United States at the Reichstag in Berlin, Germany.

source: Wikimedia Commons

15. Devastated Hiroshima

Hiroshima Destruction

A look of Hiroshima After Atomic attack by the U.S.

source: gettyimages

16. Homeless Children


Homeless children sitting outside the wreckage which was their home. Destroyed by German Bombings.

source: Wikimedia Commons

17. U.S. soldiers Wait In LandCraft

D Day Landing

U.S soldier waiting in LandCraft during D-Day.

source: Wikimedia Commons

18. The Devasted Pearl Harbor

Pearl harbor destruction

The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor destroyed the U.S Shaw.

source: Wikimedia Commons

19. London Firefighters

firefighters london bombings

Firefighters struggling to put off the blaze caused by German Bombings.

20. Young Man With Burnt Boy

young man with burnt body

A young man sits on an overturned stool next to a burnt body inside the Thekla, Germany.

source: gettyimages