Uttar Pradesh has given India the maximum number of Prime Ministers. There have been 14 Prime Ministers of the country so far, and 8 of them have been from Uttar Pradesh (UP). But still, Uttar Pradesh Not developed as compared to other states of the country.
When it comes to an underdeveloped state in the country UP and Bihar tops the list. Despite being having all the resources both the state lacks in all the department of development. Prime Minister’s like Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi, Lal Bahadur Shastri etc were from Uttar Pradesh. But still, they were not able to remove the tag of poverty from the state.

Reasons Why Uttar Pradesh Not Developed

There are various reasons we can list about the state. The people, ministers everyone is responsible. Here are some reasons that Why Uttar Pradesh Not Developed.

1. No Quality Education Low Literacy Rate

uttar pradesh education
Quality Education is a major roadblock. Uttar Pradesh is at the bottom when it comes to Literacy Rate. There are no quality schools and colleges after having so much land space.
State Government failed to provide skills and knowledge to the people of the state. There are students who can excel but they fail due to the quality.
We have seen the toppers of UP how skilled they are. You will always find a topper with zero knowledge. The teachers are not well qualified to provide proper education.

2. Rise Of Uttar Pradesh Population

The Population of UP is growing day by day. Due to its huge geographical area, it becomes difficult to manage and monitor.
The source of income is not fixed so people from Uttar Pradesh migrate to other developed cities. The population is rising at an alarming rate. Due to lack of education and knowledge, people here struggle a lot.
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3. Uttar Pradesh Infrastructure Problem

Why Uttar Pradesh Not Developed
UP lacks basic infrastructure. There is no proper electricity in the state. No quality health care center. You will struggle to find a good hospital in emergency case.
Still, the people of UP don’t have proper toilets and washrooms. Lack of education centers, students migrate to the cities like Lucknow, Mumbai, Allahabad for quality education.

4. Caste Politics In Uttar Pradesh

uttar pradesh caste politics
Caste Politics is one of the biggest reasons for lack of development in Uttar Pradesh. Here the voters vote for the minister who belongs to their caste. Like higher caste voter will vote the candidate who belongs to a higher caste.
Politicians ask for votes based on caste and not on the topic of development. This is where the quality infrastructure takes a serious hit.

5. Weak Law and Order

The law and order of the state are always in question. Lack of job opportunities and employment force people to do shady business. In UP people who have connections with politics break the law without any fear.
Still, Gunda rule is going on in UP. People here afraid of the local gundas, they follow what they say. Even police in Uttar Pradesh is not able to handle these goons.
6. Corruption
Corruption is one of the biggest factors of development. The money which is given for development goes directly in the pocket of Politicians.
Many yojanas and scheme are passed for the development but the higher authority does nothing. They fool the people due to lack of awareness.